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Our most popular donuts start with our dairy- and egg-free Yeast-Raised Vegan dough using a lo-gluten, locally sourced flour - this Vegan dough is the perfect base for any of our house-made toppings. We use this Vegan dough to make rings, bars, twists, minis and any shape and size you can dream of! Fan favorite flavors on this donut include Hipsterberry, Alice-in-Wonderland, Sea Salt Chocolate, and more. We use our Yeast-Raised Vegan dough to craft our Apple Fritters and in creating our custom donuts. 


Not compromising on flavor ,being dairy- and egg-free, our Vegan Vanilla Bean Cake Donut has a flaky, airy interior and a slightly crunchy exterior. We offer rotating seasonal glazes like Strawberry, Chocolate Espresso and many more!


Our Old Fashioned Cake Donut infused with Dutch baking cocoa to create a chocolatey dough that has a soft, cake interior and crunchy, cracked top. We offer our Old Fashioned Chocolate Cake Donut classically topped with our Guru Glaze, Chocolate Sprinkle and rotate glazes like Peppermint, White Chocolate Mocha, and other seasonal flavors.


Made with all gluten-free ingredients and locally sourced Idaho ® Potato Flour, our Impossible Donut is a more dense and richly flavored yeast-raised dough. We offer in rotating glazes including Vanilla Bean Buttercream and Maple. The Impossible Donut is available on Saturdays or via pre-order and can be topped with any of the glazes on our current menu.


Our sour cream old fashioned dough has a soft, cake interior and crunchy, cracked top for the perfect coffee-dunking treat. We offer our Old Fashioned Cake Donut classically topped with our Guru Glaze and rotate glazes like Lemon Poppyseed, Apple Cider, and other seasonal flavors.


Made with all gluten-free ingredients, our gluten-friendly Idaho ® potato donut is unique to Guru and is made with locally sourced Idaho ® Potato Flour. This dough has a delicious balance of fluffy cake with a crunchy texture on the outside. Offered in classic Cinnamon Sugar and rotating glazes seasonally, including Vanilla Sprinkle, Toffee or other chocolate, nutty or sweeter flavors. 


We married the rich, buttery and flaky texture of a biscuit with the light airiness of our raised donut dough. The Biscuit Donut is only available on Sundays and it comes dipped in our house-made honey butter glaze - a flavor that Winnie the Pooh himself would enjoy!


The perfect savory breakfast item. Our house-made egg and cheese scramble, topped with ham and finished with our house-made Sammie Sauce all served on one of our raised donuts toasted to perfection. We recommend pairing our Sammie with your favorite donut or a cup of our drip coffee made with locally roasted beans.

*Our gluten-free donuts are made with only gluten free ingredients, but we consider them "gluten-friendly" as our kitchen is not gluten-free. We do our best to minimize cross contamination, but as a small, family business our donuts are all hand crafted out of the same space. All of donuts are prepared using the same cooking equipment. If you are Celiac and/or highly sensitive to dairy products or nuts, please advise the person taking your order. We strive to provide #donutsforall, being sensitive to as many allergen concerns as possible and hope to have dedicated equipment for our gluten-free products in the future. 

Thank you for understanding!