Our Story

Guru Donuts began in September 2012 in the North End home of Angel and Kevin Moran. In February of 2013, friends were invited to taste the donuts at their "Donut Speakeasy" and because nothing spreads faster than a secret, they sold almost 800 donuts in less than two hours and had to shut the operation down.

And so, the Guru Donut cult was born.

After outgrowing location after location, Guru settled down in the historic Idanha in July of 2016. [Check out this podcast (https://dietzagency.com/gurudonuts/) for the full story—it's a truly incredible history full of serendipity, courage, and happy accidents]. Three years later, nomads that they are, Angel and Kevin followed their wandering spirits out of Boise and sold Guru to Krystle and Evan McLaughlin, a couple with a similar story of serving delicious, hand-crafted donuts out of their garage in the North End. 

Their fit with Guru was a natural one and they purchased the company, bringing with them their incredible Idaho potato donut and revolutionizing Guru's donut offerings with gluten-friendly and vegan raised donuts. The McLaughlin's expanded the company in countless ways, most notably by opening two new locations in Eagle and Boise and by removing any remaining artificial ingredients to make the donuts truly all-natural.